May 8, 2012

Previous, on W4...

Ok, so I've started this blog, yet I've not stated what I'm planning to bitch about.
That's bad, since readers have  to either sympathize with me or hate my guts, and how are you supposed to do that if you don't even know what to expect?

While I can't exactly tell what I plan to review in the distant future, the near future is as clear as water. I'll talk about series, games, webcomics and whatever I feel like it.

In case anyone want a list of what I want to cover lately, I've been eager to write about Mon series (Pokemon, Digimon, Medabots), TCG (Pokemon, YuGiOh), RPG (Final Fantasy,Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts), fighting games (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter), internet series (Extra Credits, The Nostalgia Critic, Happy Video Game Nerd, Dominic Deegan), popular series (Avatar The last air Bender, Dragon Ball Z and GT), commercial-driven series (Beyblade, Power Rangers), video game companies (Playstation, Nintendo, Sega), over-looked games (Shenmue, Psychonauts) and Watchmen (Watchmen).

My guess is that I will not cover most of those topics, and new and more interesting topics will come and take their places. But the cards are set, I'll have to write something.


The Queen of Procrastination

So ladies and gentlemen, it's been about another 6 months since my last update, making this blog 1 year and one month old.

I've not posted anything, yet, but I promise I will.
With time, I assure you this page will be full of crappy and based ideas I like to call "my opinions".

Yours faithfully,
     ~Nac, King and Queen of procrastination.